Case Study

El Potosi Insurance

Software Architecture

UX/UI Consulting

Business Intelligence

El Potosi Insurance is an company born in San Luis which operates all over the Mexican Republic. It has more than 70 years of expertise working in the insurance market. El Potosí’s motto is “Always by your side”.

El Potosi Insurance contacted us mid 2016; the company was looking to optimize its processes, and how information flows within the department of their Customer Service department, which overlooks most of the process of helping insured clients, and obtaining new clients.

In this project, NUVA was in charge of analyzing the department’s struggles, and their future challenges, with the objective of designing a robust system with which they can offer shorter response times, beef up their internal organization, and provide business intelligence tools.

To achieve the project’s goal, we were in charge of interviewing more than 30 different departments and positions, during a 6 month period, making special emphasis in all the departments that have direct interaction with Customer Service. We proposed several different interfaces and revised them extensively over the project’s duration. The interfaces took in account pre-existing systems inside the company. We designed the database architecture, gathering all the relevant information from all other departments. Tools were designed to make the customer service process even more efficient. An admin panel focused on business intelligence and data mining was designed for higher commands inside the company.

Working with El Potosi helped us reaffirm the high importance of processes inside different departments within an organization; information flows across different departments and systems and it must be exploited for business purposes.

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